Isla Cristina

Isla Cristina is a Spanish town, located in the South-West part of the country, in the occidental shore of Huelva, Adalusia, the Portuguese border at 7km and  one hour to the Andalusian capital city, Seville.  Isla Cristina, as its name indicates, is an island, and it is surrounded by water everywhere. It has 15 km of Golden, fine sand beaches. That lends a landscape of beaches, sand dunes, pine forest and marshlands. Its sunsets, where the star sinks in the sea draws a color palette which are a source of inspiration for artists and dreamers.

Isla Cristina’s fishing harbor is the most important of Andalusia and it is one of the first at the national level, for its fleet, dedicated to the fish and shellfish fresh capture, and for the high consideration of its products in national and international markets. This fact indicate the tasty, varied and fresh islander cuisineIsla Cristina’s market supplies sea products to the province of Huelva and to the national market, highlighting among others, Seville’s, Barcelona’s, Madrid’s, Málaga’s, Zaragoza’s, etc…


Huelva, Andalusian province known as “Atlantic’s Gate”, for its privileged  geographic settlement. It is located in the South-West part of Europe and in the South-occidental opposite end of Spain and from few hours of any European capital city. It attracts visitors from all over the globe. Huelva is surrounded by Badajoz in the North, by the Atlantic Ocean in the South, by Seville in the East and by Portugal in the West. It has more than 300 sunny days in a year, which makes Huelva one of the Spanish provinces with the most healthiest weather, overtaking 3,000 sunlight hoursHuelva is divided in four main regions: mountain chain, andévalo, county and shore. Each region has its own wealth, landscapes, monuments, culture and gastronomy. This city is known as “Huelva, the discoverer”, for being the province from where Columbus started his trip with his caravels, to discover America on a 12nd October 1492. One of the main charms is Donñana natural park, Biosphere reserve and world heritage that shares territory with its neighbor Seville.


Seville, located 90 minutes from Isla Cristina, is Andalusia capital city. It is a province full of touches, witness of the culture crossing among towns: Tartesos, Iberians, Arabs and Christians.

The monumental heritage of Sevillian towns is the richest in Andalusia, with almost 300 monuments declared as property of Cultural Interest. Its natural heritage, Sierra Norte parks and Doñana are another of the pillars of the province.

Huelva, Seville and Andalusia join a rich craftwork, parties and popular traditions. Gastronomy, flamenco, its museums, the bulls and horses… make this settlement a destination must to be known once in your life.


Portugal, located only 15 minutes from our school. It is located in the Southwestern opposite end of Europe.

The weather is pleasant, with 3,000 hours of sunlight in a year and 850 km of  splendid beaches, lapped by Atlantic ocean, make Portugal a perfect destination to visit.

In this country, which has the most ancient border in Europe, you will find a grear diversity of landscape in a short distance, a lot of leisure activities and an unique gastronomic heritage, where traditions and trendiness are combined with harmony.

The gastronomy, good wines and the hospitable town fill out the quality turistic offer you will find.